XR and Mobile Experiences

for Mind-Body Health

As the field of psychedelic science rapidly expands and ketamine becomes even more widely available, so does the need for innovative tools to support patients undergoing treatment. 

Our initial clinical offering is designed specifically to support the ketamine therapy experience.

Immersive Technologies to Support Ketamine Treatment

Patients expect and deserve a high-quality clinical experience.

Clinicians are challenged to meet demand and to create the most comfortable environment for their patients.

Our Approach

PsyAssist provides the highest standard of technology-
delivered toolsets to support patients going through therapy.

Our solutions are informed by:

Clinician Support Kit

We make it easy to get started with our PsyAssist
Ketamine Support bundles.

Patient ready VR headsets
with preloaded content

Companion tablet devices
for clinicians

PsyAssist mobile content for 
at-home patient use

In-Clinic VR

At-Home Mobile

PsyAssist Was Created to Support
Patients Before, During and After
Treatment Sessions

For Clinicians

For Patients

Featured In

CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree

For our work to support the psychological healing journey of 
patients undergoing psychedelic assisted therapies.

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